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General Advice

When searching for planning applications you may not find all those you require. This may be due to several reasons, such as properties or sites being known by two or more names, different spellings of the agent's or applicants names or limitations to the data on earlier applications (please read the search help on each search field for further help) . If you do not find the records you are expecting to find make your search a little less specific i.e. don’t enter the whole address or application number, try using just part or it or don’t complete as many search criteria or use the mapping search.

Please note that the Online Planning Service browser provides an interface with planning applications details and is updated throughout the day;

Only limited details are available with regard to Certificate of Lawfulness Applications due to the fact that the Summary of Decision contains personal information.

Only details of applications registered as valid from 1 January 1987 are available and search results should not be relied upon as complete records for any specific location;